About me.
Hello! I am Sara, freelance based in Berlin.

I am a graphic and web designer with more than 15 years of experience and passionate for getting things done right. I design customized solutions, from corporate websites to company intranets, passing through mini sites and e-commerce, for different industries.
I design also logos, brand identities and small editorial products.

Each project is unique, tailored on specific needs.

Working side by side with clients, I follow the whole project from the concept to the final publishing.
When needed I join specialised professionals in dedicated teams depending on the project specifications.

Who I work for.
As a freelance I work for two kinds of clients:

Direct clients - small and medium enterprises, startups or companies established on the market.

I follow the whole project analysing client requests, elaborating ideas and proposing clever solutions, handling user experience (UX) and custom user interface (UI) design, besides doing frontend HTML/CSS/JS development, especially for responsive and 'mobile first' interfaces.

Believing in teamwork, I usually collaborate with other professionals (frontend/backend/mobile developers, copywriters, SEO/SEM managers, social media managers, photographers, illustrators...) to offer high quality products.

Digital and communication agencies.

I am a UI designer / digital art director consultant and HTML/CSS developer for web and mobile applications, newsletters, landing pages. Sometimes, I create social media graphic contents too.

Please note: unfortunately I cannot publically show a lot of work I did because of non-disclosure agreements.
For further information, contact me.

Main skills and tools.

UI Design
Creativity, Layout, Art Direction, Typography
Responsive Web Design
Cross Device / Fluid / Mobile Interfaces
Editorial Design
Brochures, Flyers, Corporate Identity, Typography
Frontend, Interactive Mockups, Development from Scratch
Responsive Design, LESS, Bootstrap / Foundation Frameworks
JS (jQuery library)
Usage / Customization Plugins
Adobe Photoshop
Layout / UI Design, Presentations, Post Production
Adobe InDesign
Editorial Design, Publishing
Adobe Illustrator
Logo Design, Graphic Design, Icons

My keywords:

  • strict respect for deadlines
  • precision to pixel
  • clean code writing
  • SEO best practises
  • flexibility
  • speed
  • efficiency
  • lots of coffee